We provide both UK and Spanish clients with a full range of legal services


Looking to purchase or sell a property in Spain?

Criminal Law
Our experienced criminal law team can assist English clients throughout Spain.

Debt Collection
We provide assistance for private client’s pursuing debts in Spain.

Employment Law
Contact us for advice in relation to employee rights, redundancy, unfair dismissal and more.

Family Law
Assistance with divorce, separation, financial settlements and child access rights.


Inheritance Tax Reclaim
We can assist with reclaiming the majority of inheritance tax paid within the past 4 years.

All areas of litigation and dispute resolution throughout Spain.

Mortgage – Cap & Floor Clauses
We can assist with removing these clauses from your mortgage agreement

Mortgage Issues
We can negotiate mortgage terms or a settlement with your mortgage lender.

NIE Numbers
Obtain a NIE certificate without having to travel to Spain.

Our commercial law department provides both UK and Spanish companies with experienced legal support.

Personal Injury
Suffered an accident or injury whilst in Spain? We can help.

Relative or friend passed away leaving Spanish assets?

Property Dispute
Off plan and key in hand property issues including deposit retrieval and contract cancellation.

Property Finding Service
RDT’s bespoke property finding service throughout Spain

Property Transfer
Wish to transfer the ownership of a property to a relative or friend?

Spanish residency for non-EU nationals through property investment

Taxation – non residents
All property owners in Spain need to file an annual tax return. Find out more information here.

Contact us for timeshare & holiday club contract cancellation.

A Spanish will is strongly advised to cover your assets in Spain.