RDT Abogados provide a tailor made Spanish conveyancing service for UK clients. These services include all necessary work to buy or sell a property in Spain.

You might wonder whether or not you need a solicitor to assist with your Spanish property purchase?

According to Spanish Law it is not mandatory for either party to use the services of a solicitor for conveyancing. However, it is highly advisable to engage a legal professional to represent your best interests and ensure that all documentation is legal and correct. Quite often there are issues of language and misunderstanding which stem from very different legal systems in Spain compared to UK and Irish law.

Is it necessary to use a solicitor to sell a property in Spain?

Selling a property in Spain is ever so slightly less complicated than buying in Spain as it involves a little less legal work. Nevertheless it is still advisable to have a legal professional on hand to ensure that contracts, title deeds, and taxes etc are drafted, signed, and administered as legally required.

What will RDT actually do for you?

Our conveyancing package covers every aspect of property transfer and has been designed with Non-Spanish nationals in mind. A property purchase covers several angles including, Administrative (Council bills, Licenses, etc.), Legal (registration, title deeds, liens and embargos, etc.), and, Financial (mortgages).

Our conveyancing service also includes;

  • Drafting of Purchase Contract
  • Land Registry Searches
  • Off Plan Payments & Bank Guarantees
  • Power of Attorney
  • Mortgage Application (if required)
  • Pre- completion checks
  • Completion
  • Land Registry Registration
  • Payment of Taxes
  • Bank Account
  • Spanish will

How long does it usually take to buy or sell a property in Spain?

In normal circumstances a minimum of two weeks is required, but in some specific cases when issues are found it does take up to four weeks or longer depending on the particular issue.

Do I have to personally attend the signing at the Spanish Notary?

A buyer (or seller) can go in person or grant Power of Attorney to a third party to attend on their behalf. A Power of Attorney covering the property transfer can be quickly and easily granted in Spain or the UK through a Notary Public. It is important to note that a property cannot be bought and legally transferred to a new owner in Spain without an attendance at the Notary to sign the legal transfer deeds (either in person or through a Power of Attorney).

When is the process completed?

The transaction is complete when the property is correctly registered in the Land Registry, under the name of the buyer / new owner. Once the Registrar accepts the transfer deeds, and registers the transaction the buyer becomes the lawful owner.

The appointment of an independent solicitor is extremely important.

Whether buying or selling, RDT Abogados deliver consistently high levels of service for all clients. Our team of experienced solicitors all speak English so you can be sure of good communication while we represent your best interests throughout the transaction.

Contact Us to discuss your requirements and obtain a no obligation quotation.

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